Netherfield HMO Survey

Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) are properties rented to occupants who are not a family unit. They tend to be homes that share communal facilities such as kitchens or bathrooms or both and have more than three occupants.

After discussions with Netherfield residents, I’m looking to evaluate how prevalent HMOs have become in your area and how they affect you and your community.

I’ll collate the answers from this survey and report the findings to Gedling Borough Council, who are responsible for planning matters.

Netherfield HMO Survey - Tom Randall MP

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Are you aware of any HMOs in Netherfield?
Have HMOs always been in the area?
How do you feel about an increase in HMOs in Netherfield?
How does the increase in HMOs in Netherfield affect you?
Gedling Borough Council could introduce an 'Article 4 Direction' that will require property owners to apply for planning permission should they wish to convert a property into a HMO. Would you like to see this introduced in Netherfield?
This would allow you and your neighbours to have a say on any proposals to convert a property into a HMO.